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To Pastors and Congregations in America,

The past three years have revealed so much to Americans. But the greatest discovery has been how our once grand nation has collapsed and this is a direct result of the removal of God from every aspect of our society.  As a survivor of hospital protocols and directly witnessing our government incentivizing death, pushing for a deadly vaccine, and then the cover-up by the health care system and the media, I know firsthand the corruption that is embedded within our regulatory systems.  Not only is our government broken but sadly our churches are broken.  They have been infiltrated by evil and have partaken in the corruption, lies, and greed.

This country was created with a foundation rooted in God. Yet since that time, there's been a constant effort to separate God and politics. This was first under the guise of separation of "religion and politics." This has been a misrepresentation of what our founding fathers were trying to convey to the people.  They wanted to ensure that no government could impose a specific religion upon the American people.  They never alluded to the premise that God should not be a part of the government. In fact, God was very much present in the founding of this country with prayer before every meeting and the inclusion of God in the constitution.  

The truth is the government could not have become corrupt if God was ever present within it because where God is, the enemy cannot be. In order to bring the country back to the ideals of our founders, churches need to support government leaders who have God in their hearts and use God's discernment to lead the people.  With that being said, I would like to find churches willing to speak up about this and support these values.  This is not about political parties but about bringing God back as the foundation of this country. It's not about having more patriots loyal to our country but having the loyalty of our country placed in God.

My goal is to build a website and database where Christians can go and find local congregations that support and acknowledge the following:

  • Acknowledge our current government is highly corrupted and infiltrated with evil.

  • Acknowledge our current health care systems, educational systems, media, environment, large corporations, and economics have been impacted by the infiltration of evil and corruption.

  • Churches need to support and encourage believers to help reform these entities with the direction of God and pursue political governance through God’s will.

  • Pray for God’s guidance and follow with action.

Romans 13:1-2 states “Obey the government, for God is the One who has put it there.”  But what happens when that government removes God and no longer acts in accordance with the Lord’s commands? We are no longer obeying a government that God intended.  

If you are a Christian pastor or have an in-home church and your congregation supports these points, please consider sending in your church information so that Christians who feel the same can be welcomed and become a part of your local congregation. With God in control, we can have an America that is not only great but will always defeat the true enemy of evil.

God bless,

Greta Crawford

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